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Terms and Conditions



Liberty Lodge of Brightwood

A Mt Hood Cabin on a Creek

Terms and Conditions


THIS AGREEMENT made between Paul A. Bolf and / or Christine E. Bolf herein called “Landlord,” and Listed Tenant(s) by Invoice and or Verbal Agreement herein called “Tenant.”   Landlord hereby agrees to rent to Tenant the real property located in the community of Rhododendron, County of Clackamas, State of Oregon, described as follows: 64548 E Lookout Drive.  This tenancy shall be on a short term basis and payable in advance a minimum of 30 (Thirty) Days prior to occupancy.   Landlord will make a good faith effort to have property available as per the occupancy date indicated.  If a previous Tenant is held over, Landlord is not liable for payment of any damages to New Tenant, and Tenant is not responsible for rent until actual occupancy is delivered.

1-)         Call 911        and then contact us anytime at 503 739 5318 or 503 887 9836


1- )  All Tenancies shall be a 2 (Two) consecutive evening  minimum.

2- )
All Reservation Holding Deposits must be received within 72 (Seventy-Two) Hours after verbal acceptance.  All Deposits and Payments must be received 30 (Thirty) days prior to arrival date.  Late payments may dismiss reservation occupancy and relinquish any and all deposits paid.  Neither ill health, loss of job, financial emergency or other excuse will be accepted for cancellation other than a written notice a minimum of 60 (Sixty) Days prior to arrival date to request of or request for refunds.  If Tenant fails to pay rent or other charges promptly when due, or if Tenant fails to comply with any other term or condition of this Invoice / Contract, Landlord may immediately terminate this tenancy.  

3- ) Any dishonored check shall be treated as unpaid rent and shall be subject to an additional fifty-dollar ($50.00) special handling fee.  All dishonored checks must be made good by charge card, cash, money order, or certified check within 24 (Twenty-Four) hours of notification of tenant.  

4- ) Keys and Driving Instructions will be forwarded to Tenant only after All Final Payment(s) are received and prior to your anticipated occupancy.

5- )  You Agree to Make Good to Landlord for any and all additional applicable charges for up to 30 (Thirty) days after the departure date and or termination of Liberty Lodge of Brightwood Invoice / Contract.


1- ) Cancellation Notices must be received in writing a minimum of 60 (Sixty) days prior to arrival date to be considered by Landlord for any and all Refunds.


1- ) The aforementioned premises shall be occupied by no more than 6 (Six) persons maximum and with NO PETS allowed on the property and NO SMOKING permitted or allowed within 10 (Ten) Feet of or  inside any structures on the property.  Citations may include a $250.00 fee for each instance and be payable within 30 (Thirty) days of departure.  

3-)  In connection with the use of the premises, Tenant shall conform to all applicable laws and regulation of any public authority affecting the premises and the use thereof. 

4-)  Upon either verbal or written notice of 24 (Twenty-Four) Hours, Landlord may inspect Tenant’s residence and the premises. 

5-) Tenant is responsible for all damage to furnishings or premises caused by negligence of Tenant, Tenant’s children, pets, guests, etc.  Tenant shall correct at Tenant’s own expense any failure of compliance created and shall not be limited to only use by Tenant, Tenant’s children, pets, guests. 

6- ) Tenant shall not violate any city ordinance, county code or state law in or about the premises.  Tenant shall refrain from any activity which would make it impossible to insure the premises against casualty or which would increase the insurance rate.  

7- ) Tenant agrees to keep all areas of the premises clean, sanitary, and free from any accumulation of debris, filth, rubbish, and garbage, and to dispose of the same in a proper and efficient manner.  Tenant shall not store flammable or hazardous materials upon the premises.  Tenant shall immediately report leaky or defective faucets.  Any costs incurred for damage caused by stoppage of waste pipes or overflow of bathtubs, toilets, or washbasins, as a result of Tenant negligence, shall be the responsibility of Tenant.  Upon the termination of this tenancy, Tenant shall surrender the premises to the Landlord in as good a condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

8- ) Tenant agrees to not take anything thing unless personally owned and agrees to leave the cabin free of clutter upon departure. Additional Cleaning Fees may apply.

9-) Tenant shall make no alterations, decorations, additions or improvements in or to the premises without Landlord’s prior written consent, and then only by contractors or mechanics approved by Landlord.  All alterations, additions or improvements upon the premises, made by either party, shall become the property of Landlord and shall remain upon, and be surrendered with said premises, as a part thereof, at the end of the term hereof.

10- ) Tenant assumes all liability for, and agrees to hold Landlord harmless from, all damages and costs resulting through the negligence or willful act of Tenant or Tenant’s guests in or upon any part of the renter premises.  Tenant shall be responsible for any damage or breakage to the Landlord’s or Tenant’s equipment, fixtures or appliances in or upon the premises not caused by Landlord’s misconduct or willful neglect.

11- )Tenant also assumes all liability for, and agrees to hold Landlord harmless from, all damages and costs of tenant(s) personal property resulting from theft, vandalism or other damages purpratated by any and all outside influences of misconduct whether by person(s) or nature. 

12- ) There shall be working locks on all outside doors.  Landlord shall provide Tenant with keys for all locks.  Tenant shall keep all doors locked.  Tenant shall provide Landlord with written notice of any locks failing to operate.  No additional locks will be installed on any door without the written permission of Landlord.  Property owner assumes no liability for any of Tenant’s personal belongings. 

13- ) Landlord shall supply electrical wiring and plumbing facilities capable of producing hot and cold running water, and adequate heating facilities.  Landlord represents that the premises is equipped with adequate smoke detectors.  Tenant shall be responsible for testing any smoke alarm and reporting in writing any malfunction to Landlord.

14- ) Tenant specifically authorizes Landlord to deduct amounts of unpaid bills from their Security Deposit and or charge additional amounts in the event of damage with additional charges after termination of this agreement apply.

15- ) Tenants agree that any vehicle parked on undesignated areas of property may be towed and stored at Tenant’s expense.

16- ) Tenant shall not sublet the premises, or any part thereof, or assign any portion of this Rental Agreement or lease without the express written permission of Landlord.

17-) Upon sufficient cause as provided by statute and upon twenty-four (24) hours written notice specifying the cause, Landlord may immediately terminate the Rental Agreement and take possession of the premises if:

A-)  Tenant, or someone or something in Tenant’s control, seriously threatens immediate personal injury or inflicts any substantial personal injury upon Landlord or any other person;

B-)  In the event that Landlord is obligated to enforce collection of rents or any other provision of this agreement or repossess the premises, Landlord shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees, both at trial and on appeal, and whether or not suit or action is brought for such enforcement.

C-)  Tenant, or someone in Tenant’s control, commits any act which is outrageous or extreme on or with respect to the premises.      

18- ) Landlord further acknowledges any receipt or the sum of money as a Security / Cleaning. Key / Reservation Deposit to be held by Landlord may be claimed in all or part as necessary to remedy Tenant’s default in the performance of the Invoice / Rental Agreement and / or to repair damage to the premises caused by Tenant, not including ordinary wear and tear.  Landlord shall return to Tenant, within 30 (Thirty) days after termination of the tenancy and surrender of the premises, a written accounting which shall specifically state the basis for retaining any portion of the Tenant’s security deposit; the portion not so claimed shall be returned to Tenant within said 30 (Thirty) days.

19- ) All Notices to Landlord shall be in writing and addressed to the following;

                Paul and or Christine Bolf
                6018 SE Eric Street
                Milwaukie, Oregon 97222-3285
                503 739 5318
                503 887 9836

20- ) In the event that landlord is obligated to enforce collections of rents or any other provision of this agreement or repossess the premises, Landlord shall be inenti9tled to reason able attorney fees, both at trial and on appeal, and whether or not suit or action is brought for such enforcement.

21- ) Failure of the Landlord at any time to require performance by Tenant of any provision of this Rental Agreement shall in no way affect Landlord’s right hereunder to enforce the same, nor shall any waiver by Landlord of any breach be held to be a waiver of any succeeding breach of any provision of this Agreement.

22- )  Payment and / or Occupancy by Tenant agrees Tenant acknowledges having read, understands all and agrees to without exception these Liberty Lodge of Brightwood Terms and Conditions.

23- ) By Tenant and or Tenant’s Proxy of making payment and / or accepting occupancy, Tenant(s) attests that of being 18 (Eighteen) years of age minimum and that all information as forwarded for consideration to be correct and without errors.  Tenant and / or Proxy furthermore acknowledge permission given to Landlord to receive future offers and advertisements. 

24- ) Information acquired from this occupancy / agreement will not be forwarded or sold to a third party.

25- ) All Terms and Conditions May Change at Anytime and Without Notice.





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